Cassis (French for Currants) is a dazzling vision of beauty when she’s sparkling at a poncy party decked out with clusters of opalescent white pearls, luminescent red rubies and deep black jewels. She is refined and sophisticated in the form of a jelly or syrup in a creamy dessert or a sparkling cocktail. While she can be light on her toes, this sassy vixen can also contend with the beastly heavy-footed game meats.

cassis 2.jpg



2 cups of whipping cream, whipped to soft peaks

½ cup water

1 packet gelatin

¼ cup black currant jelly or syrup

¼ cup icing sugar


Garnish (Choose one)

A drizzle of black currant syrup

A scoop of black currant jam

A 1/2 ounce shot of Cassis




Place the water in a small  bowl and sprinkle on the gelatin to soften. Meanwhile place the black currant jelly in a small pot and boil until it is liquid and bubbling. Pour the hot liquid black currant into the bowl with water and gelatin. Stir with a whisk, ensuring the gelatin is completely dissolved. Leave the mixture to cool down for 10 minutes in the fridge.

Now get a large bowl and a clean whisk. Whip the cream until the whipped cream is firm (not lumpy and chunky or you will be pretty close to making butter). Add the icing sugar and mix it all in.

Scoop some of the whipped cream into the bowl with the gelatin and whisk it together until smooth. Now return that mixture to the large bowl with the rest of the whipped cream.  Use a whisk to fold in the purple liquid until there are no streaks and the mixture is still light and fluffy.

Divide the mixture amongst 6 clear wine glasses or somesuch fancy serving vessel. Place in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight until the mousse sets up firm.

If you are serving to extravagantly poncy adults top it with Cassis liqueur, for a more respectable crowd try the black currant syrup, for breakfast top it with black currant jam.