I'm a Chopped Champ, Top Chef and award winning local food writer all rolled into one. I can cater your dinner party, teach you how to cook like a pro and show you the best places to shop around Calgary.



Have a Top Chef prepare and serve a meal in your house.

Chef Pierre will customize a seasonal multi-course menu to impress your friends, family, clients or corporate team.

It can be a plated 3-course menu or a fun and friendly family style dinner with lots of passed bowls. 

Includes shopping, prep, cooking, serving and kitchen clean up. 

For groups of 4-14 people.

2-4 people $100/person

4-8 people $80/person

8-14 people $65/person

* Does not include alcohol.

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Like a Chef

We start the day by meeting at my favourite spots to shop where you select find the best, freshest local ingredients. 

I can show you how to shuck oysters, breakdown chickens and use your knife like a pro.

Next, head home for a hands-on lesson in prepping your ingredients like a pro and turning your finds into impressive dishes that will definitely get you into the next round...

$250 + food costs for 2-4 people.

Approximately 1.5-2 hours of shopping + 2 hours of hands-on instruction.



I'm a passionate and dynamic instructor who has been teaching for 10 years around Alberta.

My food knowledge, experience and humour will make your 3-course cooking demo an unforgettable and delicious experience.

Together we will customize a seasonal multi-course menu to impress your friends or family. 

Day rate $500 + food costs. 

For groups of 2-14 instructional demonstration. Depending on the space you have available.

* Does not include alcohol.