It's a perfect foodie day out! First we go to some of my favourite places to chop for the finest local ingredients. Then we take those ingredients to your house to break them down like a pro and cook them into an unforgettable meal.

I come equipped with great knives and cutting boards to break down the food and cookware to fire up a feast. 

Who is Chef Pierre Lamielle and why is he cool?

I'm super cool in the kitchen. With the perfect combination of food nerd trivia, goofy funtimes and super yummy mad cooking skills I'm uniquely qualified to show you how to SHOP and teach you how to CHOP an unforgettable meal.

As a food writer and trained chef I know lots of stuff about ingredients. As an instructor I'm so disarmingly charming you won't even realize how much you are learning.

What will we eat

You can get any ingredients you like, I'm quick on my feet with ideas and ingredients which helped me compete on Top Chef Canada and win Chopped Canada. We can keep it basic or try some whacky new things. Whatever your comfort zone is.

Sounds awesome right? but you want to know how much?

$100 per person + food costs.

Groups of 4-6 people.

Takes about 5-6 hours and you end up with a belly full of food, a head full of info and a heart full of fond memories.